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It's a Party!
It's a Party!
Work by Sue Orr
Work by Sue Orr and Julie Fiscella
Outdoor Gallery

Flood Collaboration

          Inspired by the paint pour technique, I gathered an assortment of blue to green paints from my collection of mistinted paint, primed 4’ x 4’ and 4’ X 8’ reclaimed plastic political signs, and hosted a party. People showed up, many of whom had never painted before, and followed my simple instructions to create their own large-scale paintings.

          Following this party, I held an exhibition at my gallery, called Oceans in Illinois. Alongside submissions by local artists, I placed the paintings from this party. The show was huge and the weather was perfect, so I hung several paintings outside on the fence. Seeing artwork outdoors drew ordinary people from the neighborhood in to see

the show.

In collaboration with:

Amanda Burke: Political Scientist, Shauna Miller: Referee, Leah M, Sue Orr: artist, and Savannah Roberts: artist 

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