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Jules Bunch is a visual artist working across media while investigating the phenomenology of life’s patterns and cycles. Jules completed their Master of Fine Art in Sculpture and Intermedia at the University of Iowa in 2022 and their Bachelor of Fine Art in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois. They are currently a resident artist fellow at NE SCULPTURE | Gallery Factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota where Jules also serves as the program assistant.

"I am currently investigating the formation of relationships and dissociations interpersonally and intrapersonally in comparison to mycorrhizal networks and artificial intelligence. There is much to be learned from the wisdom of the forests that is applicable to our own participation in systems. These investigations include contextualized, abstracted self-portraiture utilizing live biodata gathered from my environment. My drive is rooted in the persistence of life, and my inspiration grows from my connection to my environment—especially the connections I have found in forests."  


Jules J. Bunch 


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