Artist Statement

          I observe, deconstruct, and reconstruct my environment and self by giving myself the kindness and care necessary to give my environment the quality of care I idealize. This process is driven by trauma-informed embodiment practice with a focus on self-care, boundaries, memory, and thriving ecosystems. Looking outward, I am inspired by the resilience I witness throughout life, particularly nature’s persistence - from vast ecosystems to tiny caterpillars - despite the ever changing climate. I examine deeply personal issues which I tread carefully through the exploration of and modification of boundaries in my own life. Everything I create is a self portrait, from projects utilizing biofeedback to performances in which I am literally breaking things - my fibers are also being shaped into a version of myself with whom I am more content to exist within. I am an organism which relies on my environment, and I have the power to transform both.


Jules J. Bunch 


Sculpture and Intermedia 

MFA Candidate at the University of Iowa